Sometimes I just need to show how R is good without scaring too much people, typing commands on the command line.

That’s why I installed JGR. Unfortunately, there’s no binary package for it in my distribution, so I used the classic install.packages().

JGR has a bug though, and as far as I know it hasn’t been fixed. However, I quickly found a workaround.

Just open the startup script with your favourite text editor:

sudo vi /usr/local/lib/R/site-library/JGR/cont/run

and add the following line at the beginning:

cat ~/.JGRprefsrc | sed ‘s/, /,/g’ > ~/.JGRprefsrc

It’s just a bit of regexp magic, and it does the trick nicely.


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Stefano Costa

Archaeologist, I work in Liguria where I live with my family. In my studies, I spent most of my energies with the Late Antique and Early Medieval/Byzantine period on the northern side of the Mediterranean, focusing on pottery usage patterns. I'm also involved in open source and open knowledge initiatives.

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