Free Our Data : Make taxpayers' data available to them

The argument is simple: government-funded and approved agencies such as the Ordnance Survey and UK Hydrographic Office and Highways Agency collect data using our funds, but then charge users and companies for access to it.
That restricts innovation and artificially restricts the number and variety of organisations that can offer services based on that most useful data – which our taxes have helped to collect.

We need to do more and more lobbying in this direction here in Italy, for free geodata. Having support from the media would be great, but we all know that they’re totally absorbed by seeling more copies and dumbing down people’s brains.

One mission for GFOSS.

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Stefano Costa

Archaeologist, I work in Liguria where I live with my family. In my studies, I spent most of my energies with the Late Antique and Early Medieval/Byzantine period on the northern side of the Mediterranean, focusing on pottery usage patterns. I'm also involved in open source and open knowledge initiatives.

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