GFOSS news

I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time now (since 2009 apparently). I am proud to announce the first issue of GFOSS news, a newsletter from and about the GFOSS community with a focus on Italy.

GFOSS news

The tagline is “software, dati, persone” (software, data, people) and it is exactly like that. It’s a short summary of what has been going on in the past month: software releases, community events (including the much-discussed resignation of the association’s board) and other relevant news. News items are very short, which is in itself kind of unusual for the average Italian written text.

It is nothing original of course: all news come from OSGeo and GFOSS mailing lists, Planet OSGeo, Planet GIS Italia, Twitter and other sources (with links to the original announcements).

Spread the word, and submit your ideas for the next issue!


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