Today I deactivated the @stekosteko account at Twitter. It had been inactive for four years, but deleting it right now is a good thing to do. I have an archive of all my tweets, someday I will publish it but I doubt there is anything that important in it. I was very active on Twitter at some point, and I even identified with that username – call me lucky for escaping that alternate reality soon enough.

I encourage you to delete your own account and find your way in the Fediverse. I’m at https://octodon.social/@steko

Di Stefano Costa

Archaeologist, I work in Liguria where I live with my family. In my studies, I spent most of my energies with the Late Antique and Early Medieval/Byzantine period on the northern side of the Mediterranean, focusing on pottery usage patterns. I'm also involved in open source and open knowledge initiatives.

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