I deleted my Keybase account

Keybase was acquired by Zoom, the videoconferencing company. In case you never heard of Keybase, it’s a service providing “identity” proofs tied to cryprographic keys, pulling together the various digital identities that many of us have online. My Keybase account was deleted. None of the proofs exists anymore, even those that I had published on… Continua a leggere I deleted my Keybase account

New GPG key

I’ve had a GPG key since 2001 (laughing at my e-mail address at that time is allowed, but not encouraged). My current GPG key was created in 2004, and the keysize is 1024 bits. While not urgent, it is a good idea to upgrade to a safer key. I followed the how-to by Ana Guerrero,… Continua a leggere New GPG key