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  • I left my role of editor of the Journal of Open Archaeology Data

    After serving for 7 years as the co-editor of the journal together with Victoria Yorke-Edwards, I have chosen to step down from my role as editor, while remaining on the Editorial Board. I had been on the Editorial Board before. Recently I have become rather busy with work and family commitments, with only a minor…

  • Pottery and archaeology on the Web

    Pottery and archaeology on the Web

    Today marks five years since Tiziano Mannoni passed away. There’s one thing that always characterised his work in publications and lectures: a need to visualise anything from research processes to production processes and complex human-environment systems in a schematic, understandable way. The most famous of such diagrams is perhaps the “material culture triangle” in which…

  • The flow of data

    How is that citizens have no access to entire datasets that are used every day by thousands of people? Here is a draft of a possible explanation, simplistic but not without sense.