A bike ride in val d’Arbia

Today I went for my ritual Sunday bike ride in the countryside.

I headed southwards along the Cassia road, just until Colle Malamerenda.
Then straight on unpaved roads (even non-existing tracks in the fields), through Borgo Vecchio, Salteano and Taverne d’Arbia.

From Taverne I followed the river downstream, crossed it at a beautiful ford that took me again on the paved road nearby Renaccio. Strada di Certosa is very steep at the beginning, but then it becomes more gentle.

I even took some pictures with my mobile phone. My GPS instead worked so bad that the GPX tracks are unrecognizable, maybe I put it in a bad place to receive its signal.

Di Stefano Costa

Archaeologist, I work in Liguria where I live with my family. In my studies, I spent most of my energies with the Late Antique and Early Medieval/Byzantine period on the northern side of the Mediterranean, focusing on pottery usage patterns. I'm also involved in open source and open knowledge initiatives.

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