Total Open Station: a specialised format converter

It’s 2017 and nine years ago I started writing a set of Python scripts that would become Total Open Station, a humble GPL-licensed tool to download and process data from total station devices. I started from scratch, using the Python standard library and pySerial as best as I could, to create a small but complete… Continua a leggere Total Open Station: a specialised format converter

Archaeology and Django: mind your jargon

I have been writing small Django apps for archaeology since 2009 ‒ Django 1.0 had been released a few months earlier. I love Django as a programming framework: my initial choice was based on the ORM, at that time the only geo-enabled ORM that could be used out of the box, and years later GeoDjango… Continua a leggere Archaeology and Django: mind your jargon

The OSGeo umbrella

The Open Source Geospatial Foundation ‒ OSGeo ‒ is an umbrella organization for a lot of free and open source software projects focused on geospatial technology, that is, maps 🙂 Projects range from low-level programming libraries like GDAL/OGR (that is also used by ESRI software) to full-fledged desktop apps like QGIS and gvSIG and powerful… Continua a leggere The OSGeo umbrella

GFOSS news

I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time now (since 2009 apparently). I am proud to announce the first issue of GFOSS news, a newsletter from and about the GFOSS community with a focus on Italy. The tagline is “software, dati, persone” (software, data, people) and it is exactly like that. It’s a… Continua a leggere GFOSS news

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