A new home for the Total Open Station project

As announced in a previous blog post, the Total Open Station project has a new home!

More specifically, we’re still on GitHub but I have moved the main repository from my personal GitHub account to the “totalopenstation” organization, with myself and @psolyca as owners.

This seems like a simple step but, in fact, it is the most important improvement that Total Open Station has ever got. It means that what has been a personal project for 12 years is now a collective effort, with a bus factor of 2.

Before this change, we put a lot of effort to define how the new project will work, with a detailed CONTRIBUTING document (partly inspired by the great example of the Gitea project) and a Code of Conduct (based on the Contributor Covenant). To ensure code quality, all changes must be approved through a review process before being merged into the master branch. This is enforced for all contributors, myself included! There is a process in place to expand the team with new contributors on any part of the application, including code, data samples and design.

We also gave official status to our Matrix chat room at https://matrix.to/#/#totalopenstation:matrix.org so if you’re looking for casual tips or questions, please drop us a message there!

We are now looking forward to sharing the next release with all our users and with this in mind we introduced another important change: sponsorship. You can now support our work with a recurring donation, either via GitHub sponsors or Liberapay. Since the project is run as a volunteer effort, sponsorships will help us cover the cost of operating websites, testing hardware devices, and eventually buy a dedicated domain name.

If you use Total Open Station please let us know and maybe give us a star ★ on GitHub.

This post was originally published on the Total Open Station project blog.


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