Numbering boxes of archaeological items, barcodes and storage management

A QR code on the pavement in the street

Last week a tweet from the always brilliant Jolene Smith inspired me to write down my thughts and ideas about numbering boxes of archaeological finds. For me, this includes also thinking about the physical labelling, and barcodes. The question Jolene asks is: should I use sequential or random numbering? To which many answered: use sequential… Continua a leggere Numbering boxes of archaeological items, barcodes and storage management

La fine dell’archeologia in Italia

Penn Libraries call number: Inc B-720

L’archeologia italiana è finita. C’è chi dice che non è vero e c’è chi non se n’è ancora accorto, ma molti elementi puntano in questa direzione e si stanno verificando tutti in un tempo brevissimo. Provo a farvi una panoramica, se mi riesce. 1. La riforma del MiBACT Per chi non lo sapesse ancora, con… Continua a leggere La fine dell’archeologia in Italia

L’etimologia di Genova

Perché Genova si chiama così? Dipende dall’epoca in cui fate questa domanda. Oggi il calendario segna 2015 quindi lasciamo perdere la (interessante ma ben nota) paretimologia medievale di Ianua e quella molto meno interessante che rimanda al termine greco xenos. Parliamo dell’etimologia “vera” di Genua, attestata per la prima volta in un cippo miliario dell’anno… Continua a leggere L’etimologia di Genova

Interlude pages for my PhD thesis (with sketch drawings!)

Who said PhD theses have to be boring texts with horrible typography? Even if my thesis is far from being ready for discussion, I can’t help some diversion from the actual writing. Today I put together this experiment for an interlude page: imagine you’re skimming through dozens of pages and suddenly your eyes catch something… Continua a leggere Interlude pages for my PhD thesis (with sketch drawings!)

William Gibson, archaeologist

Earlier this year, in cold January morning commutes, I finally read William Gibson’s masterpiece trilogy. If you know me personally, this may sound ironic, because I dig geek culture quite a bit. Still, I’m a slow reader and I never had a chance to read the three books before. Which was good, actually, because I… Continua a leggere William Gibson, archaeologist

GQB 2015, day 9: wrap up, iterate

Friday 17th July is the last day at work in this short GQB 2015 field campaign. I’m still a bit exhausted from the return trip to Rethymno, but most importantly I’m very satisfied with the exchange of ideas about various topics (Early Byzantine fortifications, water supply systems, pottery, exploitation of natural and agricultural resources) that… Continua a leggere GQB 2015, day 9: wrap up, iterate